WOW feeling sensitive feels good

So I have said many times that I like to play with my chest. Lately it has been a lot more fun. I’ve kinda been playing with temperature play a little bit. I haven’t done ice play yet. What I tend to do is I tend to lick my fingers and rub my chest with small amounts of saliva. I have this really tall and strong fan that Sits in my room that faces my bed. So while I have some spit on my chest, I turn on my fan and face it toward me and WOW that is a shock to the system. It’s like not that much of a change in temp but just having these two small spots on my chest being wet, it feels so freakin cold and I get SO sensitive. I can’t even begin to imagine how ice would feel. So I’ve been licking my fingers and feeling the cold for a couple minutes. I was SO deep is sub space at this point. With the finger sucking, the coldness on my exposed chest, the occasional vibe on my chest… I was so deep in sub space that I was just whining like crazy. I was so submissive that I, with out thinking, flicked my nipple with my nails once. Like my fingernails barely hit me and something happened. The second after the flick, I felt so much. I don’t know if it was pain or pleasure but there was just such a strong felling that just echoed throughout my body. I had been mainly quite the whole time but as soon as that sensation hit I was such a mess. I legit fell back and felt so overwhelmed! What was crazy was the feeling didn’t go away! It just going and going and I just twitched and arched my back as moans just fell from my mouth and I couldn’t stop it. I eventually finished and was panting, trying to calm down. I’ve heard that sex bings this type of high and I’m sure I felt it. I don’t know if it was all the temperature play or just how hard I was in sub space but it was mind melting. It’s moments like that, that I wish I had a recording or someone to watch cause MAN I bet I looked so cute. But yeah, holy cow I can’t wait to see how I respond to ice!
I can’t even imagine how good girls nipples feel since apparently they are slightly more sensitive.