I think I just overstimulated myself

So I was bored in my hotel room and felt I might as well get off. So I grabbed my vibe and my lotion and started. I felt I might have another external prostate orgasm again. To my surprise I forgot how much work went into it. I must’ve been going for like almost an hour. Then it happened and I wondered if I could try overstimulating again. As I finished I put my pillow talk on high and pressed it against my head. Then something strange happened. As I rode out the first orgasm, I felt something else. Something new. Naturally I thought “oh this might be overstim or maybe a second orgasm so soon?” I chased that feeling for what felt like an hour. Changing speeds on my vibe and stroking myself as hard as I could. I felt this incredible build up that lasted for so long. This final push I wasn’t at yet, that I couldn’t reach. I was on the cusp of screaming for so long. Eventually my arms started to become sore and tired. Hell I even went soft before I stopped. But I kept going and going but the feeling slowly left. But as I kept going I was so sensitive every stroke made my body twitch and move. I had to try so hard not to moan or scream. My back arched and everything. Eventually I stopped knowing what I was chasing was gone. I stopped, cleaned up, am still kinda catching my breath and downed a good swig of water. I think I was close to a second orgasm if I only had a stringer vibe. Also I think I was accidentally edging myself? Either way I think I definitely experienced overstimulation. It was a lot of work and now my whole chest is sore lol. Never skip arm day I guess. But I think I felt a version of overstim. The fact I was so close and so sensitive was so intense. It was kinda overwhelming and I tried to keep my moans quite. But I think I understand the feeling so it shouldn’t be overwhelming next time. But MAN am I out of breath and oh boy is so much sore… lol. Heck it’s exhausting getting that prostate orgasm. Hopefully it gets easier when I finally work up the courage to actually finger myself. But I think I’ll work on less tiring tasks like cum eating or mild bondage for now. At least I know when my future partner wants to overstim me, they will get lost of pretty noises.
And again not gonna lie, felt pretty damn sexy during all that’. Like I think if I cammed that I wold have gotten a lotta tips lol

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