Hypnosis, pet play, letting go

So me and some of my online friends have been playing around and trying new kinks and fetishes. I eventually got bold enough to bring up something I’ve liked for a while. The idea of erotic hypnosis. The concept of giving control to someone else, letting your mind feel numb and calm and clouded by fog as every orgasm felt more intense.
Through a little trail and error I embraced my submissive side and sort of learned to slide into such a fuzzy headspace. With enough praise and reassurance and being in a calm and safe environment with a caring partner I can feel myself floating as my mind goes almost blank. After our scene they help me “wake up” as sorts. Sort of like aftercare whee they tell me to breath and stretch as of my brain cells boot up again. From my understanding it’s much like doing pet play where your allowed to sort of not think and play a part. Pet play also interests me.
It’s a fascinating headspace and I want to learn more so if you have any advice or learning resources I’d love to talk about it.


Fun update I was watching a video with a calming woman’s voice and a spiral video and as I watched my vision kinda blurred in the coroners of my eyes and when I looked away the center of my vision was a little blurry and moving… I think I was actually hypnotized for a second :joy:

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I’m not versed in this, but I love that you are exploring and having fun doing so, Jason!

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