Fairly quiet suction stimulators?

sooo i wanna try out a suction toy, being that i have absolutely no expectation for what it’s gonna feel like. the general consensus i see is that the orgasms are pretty intense, so that always sounds like fun! my main worry is that i’ve seen a pretty common issue when it comes to suction toys is that they’re pretty noisy.

here are a couple that i have looked at on spectrum.

VeDO Suki Rechargeable Silicone Air Pressure Stimulator

Lelo Sona Cruise Rechargeable Air Pressure Stimulator

i was also interested in Unbound’s Puff, the reviews look very promising on that one

Unbound Puff

but i wanted to post and see if anyone has any experience with these, and whether they were relatively quiet or manageable in terms of noise. i’ve seen videos of some suction stimulators and some sound pretty loud :cold_sweat: so i just wanted to make sure before i picked one!

Check out Romp’s air suction toys! They’re very affordable and seem to be of good quality. I haven’t had experience with a suction toy so I am not sure how loud the Romp ones are :grinning:

On the Spectrum Boutique website of course

yeah i had my eye on a couple of the ones from romp! my experience with romp has been very good so far, good quality for an afforable price, so they’re definitely on my list. i just wanna know how loud the specific one i get is so i know what to expect :grimacing:

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Ooh, let my check with Carly, I haven’t used the suction toys as much but I bet she’ll know!

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I would say the Romp, We-Vibe Melt, Womanizers and Lora Di Carlo Baci tend to be the most quiet overall. Meaning they don’t have that really loud mechanical whirring noise. But!!! In my experience and other using it with other vulva owners it has the capacity to make a sound I can only describe as slurping. But that only happens depending on how you move the toy around. Hope that helps your decision!


oh okay cool!! i’m fine with the slurping sounds, i just didn’t want it to sound like there was construction going on in my room! i’ve sort of narrowed my choices down to the puff and the one from romp, and i might just get both eventually but at least i know what to expect from those 2 now!