How do anal beads work?

I am quite the anal play enthusiast and the butt plug I had just wasn’t cutting it. When it comes to anal play, I love depth more so than diameter, so I ordered a set of two anal beads from shopenby (yay for supporting trans and black owned businesses! Especially when it comes to pleasure :wink::wink::wink:) and they came in today (they actually delivered pretty quickly) but now I’m not sure how they work. Do they go in all the way and I can leave them in? Are they meant for going in and out? Do I have to hold on to the end of them? Any tips are appreciated!

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Yay new toys and yay shopenby, they’re a great company!

So anal beads, IMO, are more about movement, but they also totally play into depth too depending on what kind you get. And it’s really up to the user, there are many ways to play with them!

A lot of folks will insert them during foreplay, sometimes all at once or gradually inserting more, and then pull them out when you’re close to orgasming. Once again, speed is up to the user. If you aren’t super experienced with anal play, or really with any new toy for anal, I would take it slow, insert them one at a time and check-in with yourself, see how you feel. Same when pulling them out, take it slow at first and then faster once you get the hang of them.

I would keep a grasp on them, most are made to not have the handle go in but I say never too safe when it comes to stopping things from getting lost in your butt, but also because a big part is pulling at them and removing them as you play with them. So, you’ll want to have a hand on them doing that.

And as always, lots of lube, I prefer water-based but oil is good too. Having a partner insert them is great, and hot, but also great for solo play too. I find laying on your side is easiest, your anus will be relaxed and better to reach that way as well.


Thank you so much for your help! Sometimes you aren’t actually sure how to use a toy until you get them :revolving_hearts:


Totally! And honestly, a lot of toys are made for something specific but you can use them in different ways. Zoe wrote a great article for Forum about how any toy can be “for men” and how although a lot of toy marketing plays into traditional gender roles, toys truly are genderless:


That sounds like an intriguing read! I’ll have to check that out! I couldn’t help but roll my eyes whenever I looked up how to use anal beads and the first website was “men’s health” haha


Love them in every way you can. I’m playing with mine right now. :wink: