Anal Solo Toys?

What toys are recommended for beginners to anal? Should you just get like an education set or like the Novice Vibration?

- Sorry if I am a bit of a newb here


I would honestly suggest getting an education kit. My partner and I when we first started with him did not, just got a smaller novice plug, and after 1 session realized the plug was actually a bit too small. Was kind of a waste of money on it’s own. It would have been nice to have a bit of variety and gradual steps up like a kit, because every body is different and you do have to play around a bit to find what works for you. So if you can get something with a few options, I’d go with that, start the smallest, use a lot of lube and go from there!

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Oh, good. The novice and Education kit actually seem kinda similar (except novice is has more ridges). I did see you all were sold out, so I got it from a local store, but plan to get anything else I need from ya’ll.
Love the forum. :heart:

I did want to ask, the anal plugs don’t seem to do anything for me. Legit, it feels like vibration on the skin but weird cuz it is up my booty. Only tried it for like 5 sessions (had it for a couple days) but ya’ll got any advice? Maybe I just don’t like anal play or something (pegging sounds like so much fun tho!).

Note: I am a born male.


Aww, thanks! And glad you got a kit to try!

Some people simply don’t like vibration, might not be your thing for anal play. No biggie. Or you might only like it with thrusting in combination. Or are you masturbating while having the plug in? Could be a variety of things that just isn’t vibing right with you (pun intended, ha). Like a partner of mine enjoyed pegging but it was too much stimulation so they had to not touch themselves during anal play. I would change positions, also change the rhythm and what you’re doing, it took a lot of trial and error with my partner to find out what works! The kit should def. help explore some of that too.


Welcome to the club of men that are interested in anal. Speaking from experience, my tastes/preferences change periodically. So having a simple variety will help. There are times I want the vibrations, sometimes I wanna try larger toys. And other times a simple anal plug is all I need and/or want. I had found one vibrating plug that I just love! But issue is that the rechargeable battery does in an hour. Butt trial and error is also half the fun!