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Hello! I am a cisfemale in a long-term relationship with a cismale and we both have been wanting to explore more with pegging, or me penetrating him. I’ve used stimulation and some light finger play when giving him oral sex, but I’d like to add anal plugs, vibes, and eventually a strap-on for pegging. I personally have received lots of anal sex, and have given penetrative sex to other vagina-owning people, but I haven’t pegged a penis-owning person before. Knowing my experience with starting out doing anal I’d like to graduate to pegging by starting with using vibes for sensation and plugs. Any recs for this specifically? I thought about getting a finger vibe for stimulation on that area, but we’re also open to anal vibes. If any penis-owing people have really enjoyed a particular toy, I’d love to know! My partner is open to most anything :slightly_smiling_face: TY!

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Hello! So although I’m a cis-gender female who owns a vagina, I know I don’t have a penis lol nor do I have a partner that has been interested in anal play, I remember wanting to play with anal toys but also was afraid of going too intensely too soon. Which is very great that you both want to work slow and steady! For me, what helped me and basically made me love anal play was a beginner’s anal vibe that Spectrum sells. It’s called the Rocks-Off Petite Sensations Teazer Plug. I use it with my Slippery Stuff lube that I adore dearly and it makes for a wonderful time. Just go slow and steady and make sure there’s a bunch of foreplay before you begin inserting it, while using a bunch of lube!

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Hey! I haven’t been brave enough to post here yet, but your post seemed like something I could help weigh in on, so here goes…

I am a penis-owning guy. About a year ago my girlfriend and I started exploring more anal play for me and at this point I’d say it’s one of my favorite things to do with her, or by myself (more often).

We def. eased into it… my “beginner” plug was this one, which was hers originally but she graduated from it a few years ago to larger, heavier plugs. Honestly, it’s still my favorite go-to and I use it 80% of the time I do anal play.

We tried pegging, but it’s honestly a little intense for me, so it’s not something that we do often. We tried the “Tantus Bend Over Beginner Kit” (with 3 plugs) to start, and to be honest the small size is… really small and was not worth it for me. The harness is fine, but I would probably skip the basic plugs.

As for vibrators, I haven’t tried too much honestly, but we do really like the WeVibe tango (and tango x… we have both) for literally anything and everything, and we have an attachment called the “Tango Dusk Pleasure Mate” that came in a kit that the Tango slips into, and it works great in my opinion. It’s a little difficult for me to get in the right spot, but once it is it’s really nice. Not sure you can get it anymore though!

I also have a smooth glass “dildo” that has 3 levels of depth. When I have enough time to really relax and dedicate time to play with it, it’s worth it. Honestly, it’s just a cheap one that I found on Amazon with cute little ears on it, but it works great. I’ve read you want to be careful about choosing a glass one, but I wasn’t prepared to spend $90 on something I wasn’t sure I would like.

Hopefully that helps. Good luck!


Thanks for posting, jam! I love hearing what products work well for folks.

We-Vibe tango and tango and tango x are both still available and in stock! And I agree, We-Vibe is truly amazing when it comes to all purpose toys especially that can be used for partners with different parts! The We-Vibe Wand is my go to for so many things with me and my partner, it was an investment piece but totally worth it. Hell, I even use it to massage my neck when it’s sore, ha. Their stuff is so great. And the attachments are easy to use and fun to mix things up.

I agree, a lot of beginner pegging kits or even just regular plug kits the smallest one is almost too small I find. I’m glad it’s an option, but yeah, I rarely have used the first toy in a set because of that same issue.

And that Tantus toy is great too! My partner has a similar style, but it has a little curve for prostate stimulation and a bullet vibe so he gets some vibration as well. It’s great for partner and solo play, if you like the Tantus one it might be one to check out! I will say the little bullet vibe can get a little finicky and not want to stay on or off, but we’ve also just used our We-Vibe wand pressed against the base to give vibrations too.


Thanks all for the great recommendations! I’m going to look into these with my partner, I appreciate the feedback :black_heart: