Any recommendations for a prostate massager?

I love my nJoy Pure Wand but haven’t really tried any prostate massagers or vibrators, or anything else like that.

Do you all have any good recommendations for where to begin?


Totally! And the nJoy pure wand is a great one.

So, I highly suggest any Aneros toys for prostate massagers. They are like the gold standard for prostate massagers, the design is wonderful and they are great for solo play or for wear during penetrative sex (if the wearer is topping). They are just a great company to purchase anything for prostate play from! I can confirm I’ve had many a happy partner with their trident style massagers.

I also really like the Iker by Svakom for a vibrating massager. It has a lot of different vibration options, but I like that it stimulates the prostate and perineum and you can rock against it while inserted. I also like that it’s app controlled, which is a nice bonus.

Honestly for vibrations with anal stuff, I like to just use a strong wand that I already have up against the base of butt plug or dildo to give some vibration. Just having a wand against a base gives enough vibration for me to play with vs. buying a specific toy. But if you want more vibration internally, investing in a toy like the Iker is great!