Girlfriend giving head

How do I tell me Girlfriend not to use teeth when she is giving me oral sex?

If you are worried about hurting her feelings, I always like to sandwich things between compliments, and also treat it like a personal preference vs. a critique on someone’s technique. So, for example, telling her “I really like when you lick my shaft and play with my balls, it feels so good, but could you not use teeth when you give me head? Your mouth feels great, teeth are just too sensitive for me.”

You can also show vs. tell. If she starts using teeth, ask her to switch what she’s doing aka “can you go back to licking me like before” and try and steer her away from using teeth.

Personally, I think just being up front but kind is the best form of communication. I know it isn’t everyone’s jam, but just telling someone “hey, I’m really enjoying what you are doing, but personally prefer no teeth with oral sex” is the most simple and effective way to go.