Fun when lonely?

Hi… this may sound weird but… for a long while now things that excite me sexually are oddly not the act it’s self. Nudity and other pornography and whatever else is in my search history appealing… but most of the time I find the intimacy is often what starts the process. The idea of another person being close to me, hearing a deep voice whisper praise into my ear and thinking someone is there to say these things to me… the idea of being caressed and whispered too thrills me more then the actual act.
Gosh I don’t know if that’s cute or kinda sad… guess that makes sense why most of my sexual experiments happen during hot showers.
Sorry I forgot what I was saying.
I guess I’m asking if there’s anything else I can do to sort of… simulate that intimacy? Like I know grinding on a body pillow makes you feel like someone’s under you and…
Just asking cause I just don’t know what to do when I’m turned on but I’m not after an orgasm…
Sorry if this sounds… weird. Believe me I know it sounds pathetic but I figured more people could relate since we’re all, or mostly all of us are stuck inside.

Not pathetic at all! Intimacy and the many aspects of it, including being whispered to or held, are super hot.

Have you tried during solo play using any type of audio tracks? Dipsea I know has some great content. I actually couldn’t remember their name and was googling and found this article that has a lot of options:

For me sound and someone whispering is a def. turn on, even more than visual at times, so mimicking that with supplemental audio is nice.

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Thanks! This has a lot of helpful stuff. And it’s nice to know that just being talked too isn’t so weird of a turn on. I thought it was just… whatever.
Thanks for this

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