First STP advice?

Hi all! I’m new to this forum but it seems great. I’ve been considering getting my first stp packer and wanted to see if anyone can share any experiences or advice about this. Are they comfortable, easy to clean, which one do you have, etc? I’m non-binary and I’ve been on T for 2 years now. I mostly use the men’s room if there are gendered bathrooms but it still makes me nervous sometimes. I think I mostly pass as a guy but it’s hard to say for sure. I wonder if using the urinal would make me more or less comfortable and I’ve just been considering it lately. Any thoughts?

In terms of comfort everyone is different, I’ve heard folks who love it and the gender affirming aspect of it makes any mild discomfort worth it. The ones that Spectrum sells is made out silicone so it’s easy to clean, and durable. I’ve used the Sam from NYTC and the biggest advice I would give is practice at home first. I practiced in the bathtub to make cleanup easier. And doing kegels to control your flow of urine. The first of these is building the right set of muscles in your body to help you control your urine stream.

Think of using an STP like pouring liquid through a funnel. It can get backed up and overflow if the funnel isn’t wide enough for all the liquid you’re trying to send down it at the speed with which you are trying to send it. Kegel exercises are exercises to help you control the flow of your pee and they work by strengthening your pelvic floor. To locate these muscles, next time you are relieving your bladder, try to stop the flow of urine midstream.

Once you feel confident using the STP it will help you feel more confident in the bathroom and this is from someone who will never “pass”

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