Can you actually double dip?

As an anal enthusiast and overall slut, I’ve strictly adhered to the “dont cross contaminate” rule where you don’t “double dip” or put the toy or penis in your vagina after it has been in your ass (I’d rather not get a bacterial infection!) But I was watching porn on Lustery, which is an ethical amateur porn site and I have seen many videos where they go straight from vaginal to anal and back to vaginal. Is it actually okay to do this?? Do I need to use an enema beforehand to make sure no poop remnants are going to go into my vagina?

Oh nooooo! You are 100% correct in adhering to the classic rule of don’t cross contaminate. Even with an enema, there is still a risk of some bacteria that wasn’t caught getting transmitted, especially since the anus doesn’t self lubricate.

I mean, people do it, especially in porn, but there is still a risk of getting a bacterial infection, UTI, or worse, so it really isn’t worth it. And although it can make a great visual in porn, yikes on them not practicing safe sex examples on film (but then again, porn is porn, ha). Swapping condoms and keeping baby wipes nearby seems to be the easiest way to clean while switching it up.

I mentioned this on our team call, and we all recoiled, ha, so yeah, keep em separated :slight_smile:

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Okay, thank you so much for clearing that up!

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