Prostate wands / massagers?

Hey ya’ll,

I am looking to purchase a massager for use with my chastity cage and prostate.

Any good recommendations for wands / extensions / attachments / ect?

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So, the first thing I thought of for prostate stimulation with a wand attachment was this one that works with the Lovense Domi wand. It’s a great attachment, since you can use it for prostate stimulation but then also flip it around and use it more like a sleeve.

That said, the vibration won’t be as intense, because it’s through an attachment and not direct, which will happen with any wand attachments for the most part. Honestly? I have found with partners with a prostate the most success I’ve had is just using a wand against the base of a dildo or plug. A classic hitachi or any wand of that style feels great against the base of a toy inserted, and also feels great used against the shaft of a penis.

A prostate massager might be more ideal, and once again, the vibration can always be used against your penis as well. Here’s a few options worth checking out:

  1. Aneros has two vibrating massagers worth checking out. Aneros has always been my golden standard for prostate toys, my partners love them both for solo play but also for wearing during partner play as well. The Helix Syn is more their classic design. And the Vice 2 has more bells and whistles and a more full design. When folks are wanting to start exploring prostate stimulation, I always suggest the OG Aneros, so if you haven’t used them before, so worth a look!

  2. We-Vibe Vector is great for dual stimulation of the prostate and perineum. It’s flexible, you can use the app for hands-free control. And I really do like We-Vibe in general, one of my favorite wands is from them and their products are great in my book!

  3. Hot Octopuss’ PleX. It looks more like a traditional wand, is super flexible. I think it’s a great mix between a wand and p-spot stimulator.