Advice for a Newbie?

Hello there! I am new to stuff like this and have never masturbated very much, but I recently purchased my first vibrator. Does anyone have advice on how to get into it and have a good experience?

Btw, I am basically clueless, so any advice is appreciated!


First remember it can be used for a lot of things. Like messaging sore muscles. As for how to use it it’s kinda different for everyone but the base standard is place it on places like the clit or near the head of a penis. Play with patterns and power and find the groove that works for you, there really isn’t a wrong way to use it.

I didn’t think about there being other uses for it. That’s kind of neat! Thank you!

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Hi Goblin! Congrats on your first vibe!

If you don’t mind me asking, what type of vibe is it? That will help with suggestions.

Like Jason said, vibes can be used for a lot of things and a lot of body parts, which is great. I def. use my wand for sore muscles, ha. Depending on the type of vibe, sometimes they make attachments as well. But like Jason said, playing with the speed and patterns will help you find a favorite. Also switching up positions! Sometimes I like to lay on my side or back and use my wand against my clit, but then sometimes I like to grind up against it too. And it’s great for partner play, I’ve used my wand on the base and side of my partner’s penis while stroking them, also fun to hold it against their balls too. And if you want to explore anal play, a lot of vibes you can hold against a plug to give vibrations too! Also a little lube and a vibe on nipples can be fun too.

I’d also say if you are new to masturbating, trying to find what feels good. Some folks like direct stimulation, some like more friction or movement, there is a vast variety of stuff. Just playing around is key to finding what you like!

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@LisaW Thanks for responding! I got the Gaia Eco Vibrator since it was pretty cheap and biodegradable. I am thinking of getting a couple of other cheap toys to try out so I can see what I like, as well.


Nice! The Gaia Eco is a great affordable first toy to play with. The nice thing about a vibe like that is you can use the tip for more direct stimulation or use the side for less direct vibrations. It is hard material, so you can see if you like that (or look at something softer if it’s not your jam), and also it’s a buzzier vibration/motor, so if you like that you can look for similar style toys. And could def. use it for nipple play or just against other body part to play around with sensation.

Also if you don’t already have some, would def. suggest grabbing some lube! Great in general to use, but I def. have used it more with toys that are made of harder material to get things going. I love all the Sliquid lubes, but a great beginner lube and the first one that I used that wasn’t nasty KY is Slippery Stuff, highly suggest it! Slippery Stuff Gel Water Based Lubricant | Spectrum Boutique

I’m going to drop below some additional cheap toys from our $50 and under section if you want to try out some toys that are different than your Gaia!

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  1. If you want to try out the more traditional dildo, this Blush set is awesome. It’s for beginners so you have a good size range to play with, and you could also hold against the base your Gaia toy to give some vibrations. The nice thing about this set too is it’s a great beginner set for anal play as well, just use lots of lube and make sure to clean the toy really well after: Blush Temptasia Twist Set Of Three Silicone Dildos | Spectrum Boutique

  2. Izzy is great if you want pin point stimulation that is more handheld. So this toy is great to cup against a vulva and nestle up against your clit or any other pin point spots. Has multiple modes to check out too: VeDO Izzy Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator | Spectrum Boutique

  3. If you want to check out one of the popular tongue flickering type toys, this is a great affordable option. Not my jam but a lot of folks are curious about this style and I think it’s great to check out: Aria Flutter Tongue Clitoral Simulator | Spectrum Boutique

  4. G-spot toys! Not only great for g-spot stimulation with that curve, but if you like direct stimulation like on a clit these are great for that. The Noje G style was my go-to for years and used it for both internal and external stimulation. That one is great if you like a harder material. If you want something softer, and with a bit more bells and whistles with speeds and patterns, def. check out the Hue G: Blush Noje G Slim Rechargeable Vibrator | Spectrum Boutique and Blush Aria Hue G Rumbly Silicone Vibrator | Spectrum Boutique

  5. I just love the design and functions that come with the Ocean Mini. It just looks so cute too. Great if you’re looking for a toy with external and internal stimulation at once: Fun Factory Ocean Mini Vibrator | Spectrum Boutique

Also have to give a shoutout to checking out the Blush Avant series! Super soft and I just think these are some of the prettiest toys around! They vary in price but some are really affordable. And like I mentioned, you can use a vibe against the base of these if you want some vibrations, but these are just fun to ride too! We've found results for "Blush Avant" | Spectrum Boutique

Let me know if you have any other questions too!

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@LisaW Thank you for the advice! I have already ordered some lube with it, my order is just taking a dinosaur’s age to get here. I’ll definitely check out the other toys once I figure out what works for me.