Nipple Vibrators and Stimulator? - Any thoughts, reviews, or recommendations?

I’ve read of this idea on some other sites, never tried it myself tho. Some people seem to enjoy vibrators or clamps on the nipples during sex or even as a solo.

I know Spectrum Botique doesn’t sell vibrating clamps, but they have a Squeeze and Non-Squeeze pump.

May try the concept, as it is relatively cheap compared to other toys, but does anyone have any tips for nipple toys? Did you like it?

Edit: BTW, I am a 100% noob to sex toys.

Edit 2: BTW, anybody tried or have opinions on Air Stimulators for nipples?


I’ve done nipple play before but only as a solo thing. Of course you can flick and pinch and basically get the idea. However something I quite like is putting my vibrator on my chest and it feels great. Tbh it’s not even a nipple specific vibe. It’s just a wand vibe but it feels good. A tip I have, remember don’t push the vibe fully against you. Take the tip of the vibe and slowly do circles around the head of your nipple. Also when you apply vibrations to the head, just do it lightly. Just graze it against the tip and it feels fantastic. Full on pushing it against your chest and it softens the feeling.

Oh, I might try that. I don’t own many toys (just anal plugs), are there any differences between brands or something?

Edit: Also, I have a dick so I can’t really use it for clitoral stimulation.
But, realize many people may be interested in using it for both.

Although, I could use it with female partner tho.


You’d be surprised how good a wand vibe feels on a dick. It’s a different type of feeling but it’s really fun. Also I’m not sure about brand. I’ve only ever gotten my toys from either here on Spectrum or Unbound.

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Vibrating nipple clamps are notoriously terrible at staying on the nipples. If you want a pinching sensation I would just go with nipple clamps.

But the bottom line is you have to figure out what nipple sensation you’re looking for.

Do you want it to feel fluttery like a tongue? Try the

  • [Fun Factory Volita] (under $30)

  • Svakom Siren double tongue vibe ($75)

  • Fun Factory Manta ($139) can be used on a penis shaft, or the fluttery tips can be used on nipples.

Or do you want to feel fingers circling your nipples? Try the Svakom Nymph ($89). It has soft moving silicone fingers.

Would you prefer a strong vibe that can give nipples a pinch? Try

  • Je Joue Rabbit Bullet ($59)

  • Svakom Emma ($89)

  • Le Wand Deux ($125)

Hope this helps!


May want to look into the NU Sensuelle Trinitii Flickering Tongue Vibrator with Suction. It has both suction and tongue.

Yes, the pumps are used to make the nipples more sensitive as I understand.

Note: I haven’t tried any of this, merely from my reading.

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What does one do to figure out what form of nipple sensations they like?
If any? Heard a lot about people liking nipple stimulation, but never really messed much with my own (plus, virgin).

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Start by touching your own and seeing what you like.

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One thing not mentioned that I personally really enjoy is a pinwheel. I have this one and it’s 1. cheap which is nice 2. just enough sensation when I roll it across the nipple. I like lighter play, so of course it’s a preference, but it’s a nice toy to test sensation with that isn’t a huge investment (and obviously is usable across other parts of the body too).


Ooh I agree on the pinwheel! I don’t experience pleasure via touching/pinching/etc my nipples or using vibrators on them, however I do enjoy using my pinwheel on them. For me it’s more relaxing than erotic! I’d say definitely try experimenting with sensations and don’t sweat it if you don’t find yourself enjoying it. If you find something you like, keep at it! Explore it!


I love using my pinwheel in nonsexual settings too! It’s just nice to lightly roll on my body and do body work/body awareness.

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Honestly I’m interested in a pinwheel. Sounds interesting. I mean I’m not new to feeling pointy metal, I always tend to rub my fingertips on like knives and tips of forks… I’m not a psychopath I swear, it’s an autism texture thing. But yeah I pinwheel sounds interesting.