New to toys— advice would be appreciated

Hey y’all :slight_smile: I’m new ish to toys and I would like some advice, if you don’t mind! I won a womanizer from a giveaway, and it’s the only toy i’ve ever used. I had it for a short time, maybe two months, and it’s broken. I wanted to buy something new anyways, I pretty much never personally do anything internal, unless my partner is doing it himself. I stick to my clit area during solo time. But i’d like the option to explore g-spot toys. any advice for a toy that can be use internally or externally, is beginner friendly, is somewhat quiet (i don’t live alone!), and is rechargeable? Thank you :pray:t4:


Welcome! It’s great that you’re looking to try new things. Unfortunately, I don’t do internal stimulation, so I don’t personally have a toy to recommend in this situation. As far as materials go, silicone is always a great beginner option. It’s sterilizable, flexible, and can come in a wide variety of shapes, densities, and colors. Spectrum has a pretty big g-spot toy section! Does anything look appealing?

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Bender from Unbound Babes is a really great g-spot vibrator, it bends to fit your body :slight_smile: Quiet, rechargeable, and made by a feminist company like Spectrum!


That’s a great suggestion, @elle! I haven’t tried Bender but I am a fan of Unbound in general.

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First off, welcome! I too am a stick to the clit during solo time type of person, but also prefer having something that can be used with a partner for internal action as well. I’ve pulled a top 3 that I think will fit your bill :slight_smile:

In no particular order… drumroll, please

  1. Wellness G-Ball. The curve is perfect for g-spot, and besides vibrating it also has a rolling ball motion for extra sensation. I also like the wider head, perfect for direct stimulation against your clit.

  2. Svakom Cici. More petite but still packs a punch with multiple vibration and intensity modes. I love that this one is totally bendable, so lots to work with, and love the ribbed head, which alone is great for direct contact.

  3. Pillow Talk Sassy! A classic. Perfect shape for g-spot stimulation, but a bigger head for that direct external stimulation directly against the clit.

All are rechargeable. And the first two come with warranties, so no worries if they break down on ya!


It would be really cool if companies did a “try before you buy” thing like amazon wardrobe. Some of the toys can get pretty pricey! And if you don’t like them, well you’re fucked! Pun intended.