Yeast infection?

I (cis female) have only had one sexual partner (cis male) and we’ve been together for over ten years. Within the past week or two, we’ve started to have sex more often (several nights a week as opposed to months without :unamused:). So super happy about that! However, I was wondering if it is possible to get a yeast infection by having more sex? I do shave, so I know that can contribute to it. I also have the Nexplanon, so we haven’t been using condoms every time. I took a pH test and that came out normal, but something definitely isn’t right down there. I don’t think it is a UTI either because I’ve had those before and it doesn’t feel like that.

I would go to the doctor, but I’m currently without insurance and don’t want to spend that much money on something that can be at least relieved of pain at home. My vagina is very itchy and feels a little better when there is pressure put on it, but there isn’t any burning while peeing. Any thoughts? I’d really like to not stop having sex if this becomes a problem :joy:

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Vaginas can be so finicky! I feel like mine truly has a mind of its own.

So, the sex itself doesn’t cause a yeast infection, but actually just the disruption and change in your flora is what can do it. We naturally have candida as part of the wonderful ecosystem between our legs, but if other bacteria creeps in, that’s when it’s the perfect storm for a yeast infection. So if a partner has some bacteria on their penis or mouth and gives you oral (which is common) or something is on a toy, all of that can factor in.

If there isn’t burning but itching, I’d treat it like a yeast infection first and see if that clears it up. And hold off a few days while taking any OTC yeast infection treatment to let it work before having sex again.

That said, when I had a steep increase in my sexual activity last year, I did notice some pressure feeling and some itching as well. I figured out I was just needing to use a bit more lube, was getting irritated from rough sex. But I also made sure to pee more frequently, up my water to flush my urine more, and started taking D-Mannose (it’s a supplement that is OTC for urinary tract health, just watch out if you have higher blood sugar taking it), and those seemed to help me. Also a must get for soothing many things down below is Momotaro’s salve! It’s great for helping sooth itchy, irritated skin.

Seems like sometimes it’s a game of trial and error to see what helps!

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Thank you so much! I’m happy to hear that it isn’t from the sex itself. I have been using some OTC treatment and that seems to be helping a lot.
Side note: I love reading all your responses in this forum. You provide such valuable information and are always nonjudgmental. It made me feel like this was a safe space to ask my very personal question. So just wanted to say thank you for all you do!!

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Great to hear that seems to be helping!

And aww, thank you so, so much! That means a lot to hear. I started out as a fan of Spectrum for the same reasons, and have found so much confidence to explore my own relationships structures through the Forum. I’m so happy it can provide a safe space for folks!

Oh! Also switching what kind of underwear makes a huge difference for me as well. I’ve had to switch over to 100% cotton, and use free and clear detergent. Just seems my vagina is getting a bit more finicky and likes the finer things as she ages, which same, lol.

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