Unbound ollie, worth it?

@Jason what’s your ollie like? i literally have my cursor over the checkout button on their site to get it and the puff :sweat_smile: was it worth it?

anyone else that has it please let me know what you think as well!!


My Ollie is very much worth it in my opinion. I call it victor so I’ll just call it that. Victor has 5 levels of intensity, ranging from “oh this is nice” to “wow that’s kinda strong” to “I can cum in like 3 minutes on ultra high”. Victor also have 5 patterns. One is small buzzes in short bursts, one is busts of small buzzes and a few seconds of high, and one, my favorite, builds through all five intensity’s in order and relates. Tye battery is also pretty good and charges pretty fast. Also it charges with magnets so that’s cool. Plus it’s pretty quiet, a closed door or a blanket will make it very quiet. I love my little Victor. I’ve even had an actual prostate orgasm without any penetration cause the vibes were THAT strong. Also it’s a real deep rumble so it’s perfect for sore muscle. So I’ve you can, I’d definitely recommend buying it. There’s a mode and intensity for any needs. Personally I love that it’s easy to switch modes and it’s so easy to ruin but also overstim your orgasms. 9/10

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