(TW) Fetish Shame

Okay. So I have a pregnancy fetish that I recall being into since I was a child. I have fantasies about caring for another person as they deliver a baby. I have a lot of shame and guilt around this fetish, due to it being considered “taboo” by mainstream society.

I was just reading a previous post regarding fetish shame around breastfeeding [Navigating shame associated with fetishes], and I can relate to the discussion around it.

After reading it, I now realize I’m into the idea of nurturing and holding safe and gentle space for a divine feminine.

Can anyone else relate?


I thought I’d send some love to you as I don’t want you feeling shame about your fetish :heart:
All fetishes are valid I think, and as long as it isn’t harmful then you freely keep enjoying your fetish!
I personally have a thing for voyerism and MILFs, they don’t really stem from anywhere but I love it. And I recently discovered I get turned on as well by a female sucking another female’s breast as it shoots out milk. Something about the milk shooting makes me think of make ejaculation and also I imagine the sense of relief they may experience to have the milk out, so I don’t think of it much as the nurture experience. So that might be different but regardless I think your fetish should be something you can freely enjoy, I don’t think anyone would particularly judge you for it. I can understand enjoying the sense of closeness and comfort that it may bring to you which I think is quite lovely!


Thank you for your reply - I appreciate it <3

Yes! As long as you aren’t hurting anyone or yourself (unless that is part of it and it’s been agreed upon and planned and you are being safe), and as long as everyone consents, enjoy away!

I def. get the nurturing aspect that you talked about. I’ve done some breast play stuff with a partner that came up after just holding and nurturing them during a vulnerable moment. Intimacy and vulnerability is a common theme in a lot of different types of fetishes, and I think that really speaks to why it’s alluring for a lot of folks!

I have a similar fantasy and fetish and can relate to having a warm, nurturing feeling

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