Trauma From Past Relationship

From 2017-2019 I was in an unhealthy relationship. A lot of it (especially towards the end) was him blaming me for the things that made me unhappy. We both have extreme anxiety and he has depression and I have OCD among other things. Neither of us were happy in the relationship and our breakup was in some way healthy (aside from the fact that he broke up with me 3 days into an overseas holiday, over text). I have since entered a new relationship, I’m very happy and see myself spending the rest of my life with him but I find myself freaking out often thinking he’s upset at me for things my ex would have gotten angry at me for. How do I get out of this mindset? I’ve told my boyfriend about it but I still constantly find myself falling into that mindset.


I’m sorry you’re feeling the effects of a terrible relationship, but it sounds like you are in a good relationship now. Can I ask what he said when you talked to him about it?

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:frowning_face: I am sorry you still feel that way even after all this time. But things do take time! Just have to remind yourself how much the person you are with loves you and isnt your ex. Resure him … tell him it isnt him and you are working on yourself!


He’s was very supportive and reassured me that I had done nothing wrong and that he isn’t angry at me in any way :blush:

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Then you have his reassurance. Trust your partner. I know it’s harder than it seems.

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