Suction toys and hair

Hello to all,

Not sure if this is the right place for my query, my apologies if not. I’m currently looking for a sex toy, I’ve never had one before. I read about suction toys and how they seem very well reviewed and liked by other people who use them. Is that a good option for someone discovering toys?

Also, being someone who keeps my pubic hair, I wondered if there could be any issues using that kind of toy when there is hair there. I couldn’t find an answer to that question anywhere. If so, would it be preferable to shave or trim to a certain length? Can pubic hair be an issue when using toys in general? Are there toys that could work better for me?

Excuse my many questions… I’m just unsure about it all and I’d like to make a purchase that will work for me.


Hi Eugénie! For sure you’ve come to the right spot for these sorts of questions. And your first toy purchase, so exciting!

So suction toys are great, if that is the type of movement and stimulation you are looking for. It’s all about figuring out what type of toy would work best for your body. I actually think if you are wanting to try out a few different options, the Fantasy for Her toys here would be a great one! It’s a wand vibrator on one end, then the other end has both a flicking tongue function and a suction option as well. So it’s sort of a three in one toy to me or you can use them all at the same time too.

I have the one in red (same toy as the purple and pink, just a different color) and I like it a lot because of it’s versatility. I actually hadn’t used many suction toys, and found out with this one I’m not the biggest fan of suction on my vulva, but I love using the suction function on my nipples instead. But I love the tongue function and also the variety of speeds on the wand, which I found to be a good steady and buzzy wand, so I use those two below the belt for me. It’s nice to have variety to me vs. a toy with one function, especially when looking to buy a first toy. I’ve also used it on partners and it’s great for that too.

I have pubic hair, and used the suction function on chests with hair, and haven’t had any issues with the suction toy and hair. The above toy I mentioned has a quick release button, which I’ve used when it suctioned more than I like, and it works fine. If you have longer hair, I could see a toy with a more exposed neck maybe getting caught on some hair, or I’ve had hair get tugged with cock rings before on partners, but generally pubic hair isn’t an issue. Using lube has helped with that as well.

Let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help!

Hi LisaW,

First of all, I want to say a big thank you for your thorough answer, I really didn’t expect that, and it’s really appreciated. The toy you suggested seems very versatile, I didn’t know such things existed! It wasn’t what I had in mind though, but I guess it could be an option that would allow me to test different forms of stimulation with one toy. I guess what I was talking about is categorized as clit suckers on here (Like the Womanizer). Although I’m really open minded to your suggestions if you think something like what you mentioned would suit me better. I mentioned that because I read that apparently they’re good, but I really don’t know much about them, or toys in general!

I like different kinds of stimulations in the lower area… although for sure what works best for me is clitoral stimulation. And regarding my pubic hair, I actually do have longer hair… and I guess that’s why I’m asking myself if a toy would work well… because I do feel like sometimes people who design stuff forget that women… well can have hair. I was shopping for a swimsuit recently and it was obvious then. So sometimes it does feel like I’m the only one almost, especially since I generally don’t do any upkeep. Anyway, sorry if it was TMI, but yeah… that’s my situation.

Would you still recommend that toy then? Or do you have any other advice for me?

Thanks in advance!

Was my last message lost in a void? :sweat_smile:

Hey eugenie! You’re right, I didn’t see the alert before on the updated post, sorry about that!

Let me think on this and get back to you shortly! I have a natural bush, woo, but want to ask some of my fellow coworkers what they think, especially since I don’t use those type of suction toys as much.

The air pulse toys don’t interact with the vulva typically so I’ve never experienced an issue, or heard of anyone having any problems. If you’re concerned a toy that has a more pronounced mouth like the Svakom Pulse Pure or Svakom Pulse Union will be a better bet.

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@LisaW No worries at all, these things happen. I appreciate that you’re willing to help! I look forward to your advice.

@MakeUpAndSin Thanks for your input! I really like those two toys, I’ll definitely consider them!