Solo Date night

Hey y’all. I just wanted to remind all of you that self care and self love is the best thing we can do right now. So steal away some time for yourself tonight where YOU are the priority. Make it EXTRA, pick out at minimum one input per sensory. What’s that mean? Let’s talk about it. Here’s my list: Visual- I love me some color changing LED lights and I happen to have an extra strip I can lay out around a yoga mat, a mirror propped up to see that sexy you is a great input as well.
Sound - A good pair of headphones with a sexy play list or a bi nural beat is great.

Smells - Insence, a cologne or perfume fitting to the fantasy you desire can help transport you to another place real quick. Try to make it something you don’t smell day to day though.
Mouth feels! - Fresh fruits can be be fun, peaches :peach: :banana:, Dark chocolate :chocolate_bar:, sweetened cream cheese.
Touch - Adorn your body with the fabrics that slip, slide, tickle and glide. As you move you can notice how they interact with the edges and contours of all your fabulous shapes. I have some white booty shorts that are shredded up the thighs and Faux Fur that do the trick for me personally but be creative.
Set a time and show up- You are going on a date with the most important person in your life so treat it as you would any other date. Shower, do your hair / makeup ( try makeup if your curious) Look the way you would if nobody was judging you.
Game Time: You have set yourself up for the night of your life. Everything looks, feels, sounds, smells just the way you like it. Arrive into your area and Breathe. Big full breaths in slow breaths out. In hale the love and exhale the energy of your day. Feel the gratitude for yourself having made this time and space. Notice the feelings on your skin, in your mouth, in your nose, hear the sounds for all that they are and notice the reactions you have to them. Notice the initial awkwardness and recognize that meaning you are doing it right. This is uncharted territory and exactly in the space where growth happens. Visualize the next time you do this and how much faster you will move through this process. Let your body be the compass and trust that it knows the way when given the light of love to power it.
TRY IT!!! Yes YOU reading this right now. I give you permission so join me in that and make tonight the first night. If you feel compelled please share the great ideas you come up with to help the rest of us up level our practice and it will be an exercise in the betterment of our community as a whole :wink:


It’s always fun to try something new. Personally I’m looking forward to restraining myself. I have these fuzzy cloth ropes. I could tie my legs together and see how differently I move. I cloud also try and tie my wrists together and grind my vibe/pillow. Or maybe I could try this ice play I’ve been hearing about. Really try for a new feeling. All this while fairy lights illuminate my room. Maybe put on some audio porn or something.

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Today is all about self care because my body is in so much pain. I have topicals but I wish I had edibles (I don’t like vaping them anymore because it started messing with my voice and I can’t have that as a singer haha)!
Meditated and just in bed.
It’s hard for a workaholic though. Especially since I have an onlyfans now and I feel like I need to constantly give them content even though I don’t HAVE to. It doesn’t help that I know people who have COVID-19 and I can’t help but worry. We’re living in strange times.
I also realized that my migraines and tiredness are due to pms. Yaaaaayyyy.