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Hey all! I have recently started subscribing to different OF accounts. I have found one I really like but i am finding it harder to find other accounts as there is not really a search feature on the website. I was thinking that it would be great to share our favorite OF creators or to advertise your OF page if you are a creator!
I’ll go first! my favorite is Princessofkinkx, they post excellent queer content including explicit masturbation videos, explicit porn vids with other hot queers, and interests like bondage, spitting, dominance and submission, and sex toys.


LOVE this idea!

Of course I gotta give a shoutout to Spectrum’s very own duchess of dildos, Zoe, and her Onlyfans page:

I’m going to round up some more, but off the top of my head I’ll offer up two of my IRL friends that are on there that I adore.

If you like badass feminists (and redheads), hit up Ginger Lee (also having a discount right now on subscriptions too):

And my girl Allie is not only hilarious and a total sweetheart but also a total babe (and has some awesome tattoos too!):


Oh, thought of a few friends of Spectrum who have done live discussions with us, write for Spectrum Journal (or been written about) or review stuff for us!

King Noir and Jet Setting Jasmine both have OF, and if you haven’t seen the chat they did with Venus Cuffs on Spectrum’s IGTV about Black owned adult entertainment, it’s a must view (you can see it here:

King Noir:

Jet Setting Jasmine:

We love Carta Monir! And her OF has a ton of content on it. Also I’m a sucker for a babe that has in their bio that they are here to promote their big tits and fat dick, a person truly after my heart, ha:

And if you’re a Vex Ashley fan and want a more DIY pov, check out their profile here:


Also they don’t do that great of a job promoting it, but they have a regularly updated blog where they spotlight trending or interesting creators, worth a look every once and a while if you are looking for someone new to check out:


Thanks lisa!!! these are all awesome suggestions and i’m glad you like my idea :slight_smile: I will check those out


I have an IRL friend who recently started doing OnlyFans. She isn’t doing explicit content but really good more burlesque type of things.
Darling Deerbutt

Right now she’s doing Halloween themed posts.

If you’ve ever wanted to check out my porn my OF is ChloeVenom
Lots of toy content as you’d imagine and queer and femdom


Uhhh me? :pleading_face:


Bumping this thread up because today (Dec. 17th) is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. Give love and support to SWers everyday! Today though would be a great day to subscribe and give $ to a SWer if you’re looking for a new OF to subscribe to!

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