Making an Impression: Online Sex Work

I am a queer vulva owner that is interested in pursuing a career of sex/sexual healing work and am thinking of joining OnlyFans in the future, but I feel that a LOT of people are using it now that it has become more popular. I love and respect swers, so I dont want to feel like I’m treading on their territory, if you will. I also know that there have been people that have used it to cause harm cough cough Bella Thorne and I do not want to be a part of that harm. I know this is a long intro, but I am curious as to how I can open a sexually safe and healing space for myself as well as other people that would pay for my content. Also, what are some other safe forums for online sex work? Thank you!

interesting. I would have thought that including non-SW’s among a group of SW’s helps to normalize SW’s.

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Actually, I’ve never thought of it that way! I thought that by making an OnlyFans that I was entering a space where I “didn’t belong” almost? But I guess that by more people pursuing a career in sex work, it can help to normalize it. Thank you for your insight!