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I have a question about products

Hi @Harvey, and welcome to Spectrum’s Forum. I’m the moderator, happy to help answer any questions about specific products. You can message me directly or ask here!

Hi Lisa,

Thank you.

I was looking for some kind of vibrator that would fit on my hand, that I could lie naked in bed beside my wife (also naked, of course) and just gently rub that hand over her entire body to make her feel VERY GOOD.

I actually had no desire to be in your forum. But I didn’t know any other way to ask my question.

So, then when your site put my "account " on hold to, I guess, investigate me, I gave up and left.


You’re welcome, happy to help suggest a few options.

My top pick is the VeDo Yummi, it’s got a flat and wider base and a notched handle that you slip between two fingers to hold it in place, then you can glide it over any parts of the body. It’s super soft silicon too, lots of different vibrating patterns to play with. And the slightly curved tip is great for more direct stimulation as well, either anywhere on the body or it’s also great to wear on your hand and stimulate the clitoris during sex as well: VeDO Yumi Compact Silicone Finger Vibrator | Spectrum Boutique

If you want a vibe with a loop to wear on your finger, the Dame Fin is wonderful. I think the VeDO is still secure enough when you put your fingers around it and have it in your palm, and I prefer it’s wider base, but if you want more a loop that you can wear like a ring on your finger, Fin is great: Dame Products Fin Rechargeable Finger Vibrator | Spectrum Boutique

Sorry for the issues with the site! Was it with spectrumboutique.com directly or signing up for the Forum? The Forum is ran through a platform called Discourse, and they do have a slight holding period for new users, unfortunately out of our control. If it’s the actual Spectrum website, that’s very odd, sorry about that! If you have further issues, let me know, or in the lower right corner on spectrumboutique.com there is a chat icon where you can chat someone that deals with customer care and orders as well and they can help too!

Hope the suggestions help, let me know if you have any other questions!


Thank you Lisa.

I will check them out.

Dick Barnes

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I am trying to look at the first item you mentioned, but it only shows one view. Nothing else.

If you click the different color options, it will show you different views and pictures of the product. The blue color option will show you a lot of different images of it, see the image I’ve attached for how it should look.

I eventually am getting comments that I don’t realize.
I am sorry if I don’t know yet how to use this site.
I will keep trying.

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No worries! Let me know if you have any questions, you’re doing fine!

I am curious on your opinion of the importance of length versus girth?

I think it depends on personal preference. Some folks don’t like a bigger or thicker penis, and some love that feeling of being filled up. That said, length and girth can always be augmented (either more or less) with toys, the most important thing is communicating with a partner to use it how they want you to use it :slight_smile:

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Hi, nice to be here. How is everyone doing? My partner and I are opening an adult store in our home town and have been very inspired by the community here. Just wanted to say hi and hope to talk to you all soon.

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Hi mach, welcome to the Forum! That is so rad you are opening an adult store. Doing good, just relaxing before bed and checking in, hope your weekend was good!

Hi……my name is Emily. I admit I’m nervous to be here. I am a sexual abuse survivor so I was looking around on the web for best toys & healing books for survivors and stumbled upon this site.

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Hi Emily and welcome! Let me know if you have any questions, I’m the mod and always happy to help!