Nipple clamp conundrum

hello! I wanna buy some nipple clamps, but I got sort of overwhelmed shopping for them when I saw all the different variations. there are so many different types of clips and closures, not to mention other features like weights and stuff.

what types of nipple clamps would you recommend?

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There are totally a ton of different types, it’s way overwhelming!

For starters, as a first pair I would stick with the tweezer style clamps, and the make sure they are adjustable. They are a good gateway into nipple play. There are a lot of these styles that are chained together as a set, but I have bigger boobs that hang low, so I prefer the tassel style ones like this:

Personally I’m more into sensation than weight, and I like these as well because you can pull or bat at them and get that.

I actually prefer suction for nipple play (not sure if you are totally sold on clamps only) and like these for a cheap suction item to play with:

And if the tweezer style are too light, I’d try these. It’s a nice middle ground, personally not a fan of the clover style, and I think this is a happy medium if you want something a bit more intense but still pretty easy to play with:


this is great info, thank you so much!


Honestly I think I’d love the suction style clamps cause the feeling that feels the most pleasurable for me is getting my nipples hard and playing with the hard bud, and getting them hard can sometimes be harder then other times so these sound so fun. I also love the pulling sensation so that added weight with the suction sounds heavenly. Also honestly I’d love to wear the top and bottom options for someone, always fantasized about that :laughing:

I will say about the smaller (and cheaper) suction ones, there is a learning curve and the suction sometimes isn’t much. But it’s a good entry level item and start. I don’t have any pumps but Spectrum has a few that I feel would be great for a step up and more intense and direct suction.

But the little clamps are a great and cheap start!

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