Lubes with a good consitency

I’m looking for a lube with a similar consistency to Wicked:Simply Hybrid Jelle. The consistency is almost like aquafore or a&d. Me and my partner have found we love it for anal but the largest bottle i can find is 9oz. Generally once we find something we like i try to find it in as large a bottle as i can so we dont have to worry about purchasing any for awhile

So, it’s going to be hard I think to find something in a larger size with that consistency, because it’s not a consistency that would usually come packaged with a pump bottle, which lends itself to being sold in a bigger size. A squeeze tube packaging doesn’t get too much bigger in size.

If you want a bigger bottle of a hybrid lube, Fuck Water comes in a 16 oz bottle. That said, I don’t think it will have as thick of a consistency as you are wanting.

Have you tried Southern Butter? Fair warning, they aren’t compatible with latex and non-latex condoms/barriers. But they are made out of some really lovely oils and are are a much thicker consistency. When you mentioned A&D, it immediately made me think of them! It has a more soft salve consistency. We have a few different options in the store. They are a smaller size, but the consistency makes them last longer, I find not needing as much and they last longer.

If you find one you really like and it’s only sold in a smaller size, might just be the best option to stock up though.

Thank you so much for the reply!! I screen shot it so that i can remember them to pick up i deff want to try both of them!! That makes sense as for the pump bottle i never thought of it like that, im just strange lol i like to stock up on things i like to not worry about running out. It gives me plenty of time to get more when i see im running low

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You’re welcome! Nah, I’m the same, I just bought an extra of a lotion I like even though I still have plenty of the one I’m using for the same reason, ha.

I have heard sometimes of companies offering bulk sizes, but it’s usually like a gallon drum situation, lol. But you could try reaching out to the brand you like and see if they’d offer a larger wholesale size or if not would give you a discount if you bought multiple units. Never hurts to try!