Lack of libido and confused on what to do

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I’m a 22 year old female who has been on the nuva ring for about 2 months now. I have been experiencing a lack of libido recently, which I feel is either caused by the nuvaring, stress, or both. The lack of libido is also causing more stress which probably is causing a lack of libido. I tried doing some research on the topic but can’t really find anything helpful, everywhere I’ve looked said that nuvaring shouldn’t cause what I am experiencing but I am dubious. Is it worth it to try any women’s libido supplements or are they all bs? Does anyone have any feedback or advice that could be helpful? I greatly appreciate it!

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I haven’t been on the nuva ring, but change in birth control has def. affected my libido before. So has other health stuff (I have PCOS, a hormone condition that can lower the libido), so regardless if it’s the culprit or not, I would for sure mention it to your doc. Especially with birth control, because it can affect everyone so differently. Have you noticed any other side effects at all that you think could possibly be related to the nuva ring?

Stress can be a huge factor too for libido and a lot of other health stuff. Honestly I don’t know a single person in my life that hasn’t struggled at some point with their sex drive changing in the last year and a half due to all the stress of everything collectively we’ve been through as humans. And you’re totally right, stressing about your libido changing is probably causing more stress and then you get stuck in a vicious circle. It’s totally tough!

I personally haven’t used supplements, and honestly I don’t know of any sexual ones that are proven to work for sure. Personally I’ve found some help with edibles and marijuana, especially body high indica strains, but I also realize that pot isn’t everyone’s jam and/or not everyone lives in a legal state like I’m lucky to live in. But if you do, it has def. helped my libido when it’s been lower and happy to discuss how that has worked for me!

As for other suggestions, if I’m feeling sorta meh about sex, I try switching things up. A new toy, new positions, even just masturbating differently. Sometimes we get used to doing things the same way, and just mixing it up can awaken something in us. Also just really treating time with yourself (or a partner) as something really loving and sensual can help get me in the mood more. It can sound corny, but some fresh sheets, wearing something sexy, a new video I’m excited to watch or a really killer playlist and some mood lighting can heighten multiple senses and get me more in the mood.

And at the end of the day, if you aren’t feeling it, sometimes that just happens. So don’t put too much pressure on yourself, libidos can ebb or flow for a variety of reasons, it’s all about trying to see if your BC is affecting it and if not, just trying some new things or setting the mood to see how your body reacts, and then go from there. Trial and error. If those things don’t work, then that is just data (which is great to have), and at that point if you need to you can explore more why your libido has changed.

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