Ironic Period Symptoms

Hey there! So just wondering if this is a normal occurrence or if it may signal something?

So in April 2020 I switched to Paragaurd and I am currently on Lamotrigine, Buspirone, Omeprazole, and Flovent. I honestly can’t place when I first noticed it, but for the longest time my acne has started to appear at the wrong time. You know the concept of period acne? Well my skin actually clears up on my period and the following week instead. It’s getting frustrating because I can only count on my skin to clear on or near my period. I end up getting cystic acne under my cheekbones/near my ears and I get large pimples all along my chin.

I have absolutely no idea why it would be backwards now since I had normal period acne up until I started hormonal BC. I think my skin was pretty clear when I was on Nexplanon for 10 months. And with the Depo shots I would get acne right on the 3 month mark (3 weeks before the recommended shot date). Ever since getting off hormonal BC I’ve had crazy acne (which I’ve never really had most of my life). I mean it could definitely just be my “second puberty” since I’m now 22 or my body is still readjusting to nonhormonal BC. Just doesn’t make sense why my skin would balance out on my period. Any ideas??

Any change in hormone levels can affect a multitude of things. I have a hormone disorder and went from having acne really bad to not at all, and now in my 30s it’s back and usually on my chin (and deep cystic kind) the week before or during my period. I also ended up developing a mild form of eczema that I never had until I hit 30. Not to mention acne can also be affected by a change in skincare, stress, age, etc. Bodies are just truly wild.

Honestly, I’d check with your doc, see if this is a common side effect. If you can, I’d even check with a dermatologist, they would have a better understanding of if this is a random side effect or not. Sorry, I know it’s not much help, but I just know I’ve had so many weird skin things that were similar or different to friends (I def. thought my eczema was just dry skin that changed when I turned 30 like my friends for a few years), and it can be so specific to your body, I’d just mention it to your doc.