Help combating deathgrip using masterbation sleeve

Does anyone have any advice on a masturbation sleeve to help with deathgrip?

“deathgrip” is where you get too used to getting off with your own hand and being able to apply as much pressure as you want to get off. It was always much harder to get off with a partner then solo for me but after being in lockdown for 2 years its gotten much worse.

I have tried a variety of sleeves but they are all very simulating either by being very tight or by having a lot of ridges or protrusions, while this is great for getting me off quickly it doesn’t necessarily help with with my main issue.

I need a looser sleeve that provides a small amount of stimulation that has enough texture to allow lube to stay in the sleeve and not just get pushed out.

The “Venus real” in rich soft was what everyone was suggesting at one point but it seems not be perpetually out of stock everywhere now.

Before anyone says it I am also taking longer breaks from masterbating but to some extent going more then a week without getting off has other health related issues because of prostate issues related to being on testosterone for medical reasons.

If anyone can suggest a very slow stimulation sleeve I would be grateful.