Harness adjustments

Hello everyone,

My partner and I enjoy strap-on play. I use the square parts Joque adjustable harness. As the wearer, when my partner pushes the strap against me and mildly rubs on my vulva/pubis, that feels really good and I would like to amplify that feeling. I have a harness that has a vibe pocket, to allow for some external stimulation, but that doesn’t do much. I feel like strapless strapons even with harness support have mixed reviews so I don’t know if I should take the plunge on something like that. I don’t really need internal stimulation. Vibration past the entry point of my vagina doesn’t do much for me. I think having any type of externally vibrating toy that can stay in place/ shift only slightly while I thrust into my partner with my harness would be great. If adding an internal component would give that toy stability in movement, I wouldn’t mind that.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Until! I have a few go-tos for adding stimulation as a harness wearer. That’s great that you’ve identified that the pressure on your pubis feels good. Spectrum has a lot of awesome grinding pads that you can slide into your harness to add even more squish and texture while you thrust. Out of these, I would say the Pelle toys are the squishiest, and the Bumpher toys are cool because they stay put really well around the base of your dil. Also, I wrote a round-up of a lot of the double dildos/strapless strap-ons Spectrum has, which you can read here, in case there’s helpful information on there for you. In the grinding toys section you’ll also see things like the Romp Wave and Dame Pom vibrators, which are also great because they’re more flat, so although they won’t fit in the bullet pocket of your harness, they can slide in behind the base of your dildo, as long as you close the flaps of the pouch to keep them in place. Hope this helps!