Doxy diecast attachments

So I have the biggest one the original metal. This site makes a cap to fit over the top of massagers, and fits toys or dildos. I need help finding the one that fits and also what is good for what. I would like to use a dildo on her but also would like just stimulation and room for me to fit inside and I’m not small. Also any harnesses that fit this wand thanks.

Hi there! So if you search Doxy Die Cast on the site, it will actually bring up all the attachment heads that work with it, so you can compare which type you’d like!

Anything with an attachment that looks more like a dildo is going to be great for penetration, but then there are also caps that have different textures that are great for external stimulation.

I’m a little confused about the second part of your post, but happy to help if you explain further! Are you wanting to use a dildo in your partner with a vagina while also penetrating them? Or are you wanting to stimulate externally while penetrating them?

Also harnesses are generally used with dildos or plugs, I wouldn’t use a traditional harness with a wand toy like the Doxy. If you are wanting to keep it in place for the person wearing it, something flexible like a brief-style harness that the toy can sit inside would work. Or just a tighter pair of underwear. But dildos are best for harnesses.