Differences between P-Spot and G-Spot toys?

I’ve been getting into anal stuff lately, tried some basic butt plugs and fingering. My understanding that born females only have the G-Spot, while born males only have a P-Spot? Considering buying a G-Spot/P-Spot vibrator to experiment and see if I like more vibrations.

Some seem marked for either G-Spot or P-Spot while others marketed for both, is there any difference between the two?
What should I be looking for here? :upside_down_face: :relaxed:


Most folks with vaginas have a zone of erogenous tissue, often referred to as the “g-spot,” and most folks with penises have a prostate, often referred to as the “p-spot.” (I say *most because there are many variations of intersex and trans anatomy.)

There are a lot of toys that are great to use for stimulating both these areas because of where the g/p-spot is located in the body. For vagina owning folks, if you insert your fingers inside your vaginal canal, with your palm pressed against your mons and your fingers curling up and in towards your belly button, you should be able to feel some spongey tissue (this area has been colloquially referred to as the g-spot). For penis owning folks, if you insert a finger into your rectum and similarly curl slightly up and inwards toward your belly button you should be able to feel the prostate gland (indirectly) - note if you are turned on the prostate will swell and likely be easier to locate.

Because of the similar locations of these areas (similar penetration depths and both located up/inwards towards the belly), curved toys with a bulbous end are great for stimulating either anatomy! One of the main “differences” between toys designed specifically for g/p-spots are often just shitty gender marketing. However, you will want to take shape, hardness, and girth into consideration. There are a lot of toys that do an amazing job of stimulating the g-spot but are also very girthy (which may or may not be something you want to take anally - depending on your size preferences of course). Some toys designed solely for prostate stimulation are more shaped like the rectum and may be a little less versatile to also use vaginally.

As far as recommendations go, the magic wand has some fabulous attachments that work great for anal and prostate stimulation (highly recommend!!). Not a vibrating toy, but I personally love the nJoy pure wand, it has such a beautiful curve, weight, and yummy shape (best g-spot and prostate orgasms me and my partners have ever had! Definitely worth the price point). Also, the spectrum boutique website has an entire section of prostate and g-spot stimulating toys you may want to check out!