G-spot toy with circular motion

I’m looking for a type of toy I’m really struggling to find! Help?

So I have this cheap rabbit with beads and a curved head that spins to stimulate the g-spot. And I love it, in theory. The problem is that first of all I don’t need it to be a rabbit, i just want the internal part. Secondly and most importantly, the motor isn’t strong enough! When the spinning starts to feel good, my muscles contract and the motor can’t handle it, so it just kind of dies. Super frustrating!
So my question is if there are any toys that are only the internal curved spinny thing that can take some pressure without slowing down. Also it does absolutely not have to vibrate or do anything else.

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Hey Lucy, welcome to the Forum!

Yup, they do make some options like that, I got ya :slight_smile:

The Inya Twister has three gyration speeds and seven vibration options, so it’s like a rabbit just without the rabbit part, like you mentioned!

The Blush Neo Elite is a gyrating suction cup dildo that is dual density, which I really enjoy the feel of both a softer exterior and a firmer core. It also has a remote control, and rotates, so although it’s not a traditional style of vibe, it has a vibe function, and with the suction cup and remote control, it’s a lot of fun to ride hands free. I also think it’s a bit more powerful than the Inya Twister, fwiw.

Also I know you aren’t looking for a traditional rabbit style vibe, but I really dig the Meta, because it has 12 rotation settings and three motors, so it’s really powerful and the handle is really great as well. Worth a look just for the rotation variety and strength.