Chastity locked husband with key holder wife. 2 young kids

Spectrum has many different chastity options and I just wanted to give my opinion. I am a father of 2 young children and my wife and I partake in Chastity play a few times a year. I am typically locked anywhere from 1-3 weeks. With being locked that long, I have many interactions where my children are wanting to sit it my lap, somehow manage to headbutt me in the crotch, or just general do something where I am covering my crotch so I do not get hit. Life as a dad and being locked is a interesting balance between parenting and making sure your children don’t ask, “Daddy, what’s that?” They are constantly reaching into pockets searching for pacifiers, phones, fruit snack, etc. I am always bending down, squatting down, on the floor, rolling around, on my stomach, and in every position you could possibly move around in. I have tried both the CB6 series and the holy trainer. I will say that all plastic will at some point pinch you to the point where you scream and think it broke the skin. I would love to see Spectrum add a steel version for individuals like myself who are active parents that also work out, run, lift weights. I will say that I am wearing a steel cage from Mature Metal and have had it on now for 5 days without a single pinch or any type of discomfort while it is also very discreet. I just thought I’d give my experience if anyone else was loving being in chastity but also hating when it pinches the heck out of them while bending down to pick up your children for the millionth time that day.

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Thanks for sharing this! I’ll give feedback on carrying metal ones. Have you tried any silicon ones? I’m curious if they’d be the same. But a great perspective to share, thanks!