About Nipple Play

Hello! Hope you all are doing well!

I had a random middle of the night question as I began fantasizing a sexual encounter, which really is about our wonderful nipples!
I am a cisgender female who loves nipple play, and I’ve come to question why one nipple feels pain when played with and the other feels the more normal good sensations.
Around my teen years, I did begin exploring my body as we all might have done. But I really just did my best to find things that might tickle my fancy. Especially with nipple play, I was too young to understand how to get the right sensations on my nipples so sometimes I ended up hurting my nipples with hard objects and no lubricant to move around the area. Almost always, ever time I used something on my nipples, I’d end up with a painful, burning sensation. I probably might have caused a few tiny tears without realizing it.
Into my adulthood, I finally learned what made nipple play enjoyable for me and now it’s one of my favorite things to incorporate! But unfortunately I have noticed that my right nipple is actually able to experience pleasure whereas my left nipple experiences pain. Sometimes I had forgotten to tell partners that I experience pain on my left side so I’d always quietly be in pain so as to not ruin the mood for them.
But this has me questioning why both my nipples can’t experience the same pleasurable feeling? Will my nipples always be broken? :frowning_face:
It makes me feel not normal. I can’t even remember if maybe I continuously overwhelmed my right side at a younger age that causes it discomfort now. So I’m just wondering if anyone has any guesses or suggestions? Maybe things I can try out or if there’s some sort of specialist I can see? I don’t feel comfortable asking my doctor about this out of fear that I will be brushed off or judged for having this concern.

So, my first thought is maybe if there was tear or injury, could it be scar tissue? That said, and I know talking to doctors can suck and is awful, but my first instinct is talk to a doctor. Honestly I would talk to a gyno about it vs. a GP, just let them know you’ve noticed a difference in sensitivity with your nipples, and one has pain when it’s stimulated. Totally an ok thing to ask, and I feel like a gyno, who already deals a lot with sexual wellness and health, will be easier to talk to about it as far as a specialist goes. I mainly say talk to a doc, because any sort of sensitivity or pain is something to just check out for your overall wellness. Might be nothing, but better safe than sorry in case it could be something that needs to medically get checked out.

Also if you feel like your doc wouldn’t be the best person to talk to, I’m a big fan of going to planned parenthood for any sort of sexual health and wellness visits. Myself and many friends have had wonderful experiences with the type of docs and nurses that work there, and are great about offering up nonjudgemental healthcare.

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Thank you so very much for the advice! Now that I’ve read your answer I’m realizing how I probably should have a visit with a healthcare professional about it. I love Planned Parenthood as well so I might consider that as an option as well! Thank you so much for the advice :slightly_smiling_face:

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