Toys for long distance relationships

My boyfriend and I live in 2 different continents, we’re looking for toys that help us keep it spicy while we get to see each other again.

Any suggestions?

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Totally been there, my bf in college studied in Germany while I was in the US, this was back in the day so we had to make do with Skype video chats, ha.

My first thought would be toys that are compatible with apps! There are a ton of them now, and most of the apps to control them are available through any major app store. And they have them for all body parts, so vibes but also strokers. That way you can control your partners toy through the app for long distance play, it can be a lot of fun, I’ve used the app before with my wand while away from my partner in conjunction with talking on the phone and it was hot!

There are a bunch of type of app toys on the Spectrum site. Happy to suggest any specific type if you’re looking for a certain kind of toy (bullet, wand, stroker, etc.)

Definitely seconding app enabled toys! Such a great way to keep things interactive and also incorporate a little teasing and power play if you want.

In the beginning of the pandemic I was dating someone long distance and without the option of visiting, and I found that some of the best ways to keep things hot in between virtual dates were all things that involved the imagination. My girlfriend at the time and I would send each other a lot of photos that showed off part of a sexy outfit to create anticipation. We would also send each other toys to use on our own and then text each other about the experience. It was great when we finally got to see each other and use things together already knowing a tiny bit about what we liked. With texting and sending pics, it’s important to get consent and to make sure that you trust that your privacy will be respected. For extra safety, you can always use an app with disappearing messages that doesn’t allow screenshots.

Something else I really like doing with long distance partners is planning out a role play during the next virtual date and before and after the date sending texts as the role play persona. So for example, if you’re doing a medical role play in a week, you can send an “appointment reminder” text a couple of days before the date reminding the patient of the date and time, what they should wear, and a little hint about what they can expect.

I was talking to this guy online earlier this year who lived in a different state and we also tried some “getting to know you” type of card games. My favorite one that is great if you want to deepen intimacy while keeping it very sexy is Sex Talk. I like that it can be versatile so you can play the game with someone you just met or a long-term partner to help you connect, reconnect, or stay connected. The more you learn about what you and your partner are into, the hotter the sex can be!

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I was in a long distance relationship for 2 years and my favorite toy was Skype or FaceTime and the Lovense lush 3 vibe! The person with the toy wears it vaginally or held externally and the other person can control it with the app, we still use it now that we live together

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Regardless of where you get it I will HIGHLY recommend against the satisfier toys that are app controlled. The app itself is fine, but in my experience the bluetooth is really glitchy. It ends up dropping constantly. My partner and I tried to use one and we can never get a stable connection.

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Thanks for the heads up, Cocky! That’s super frustrating.