Needed: Tips for a sexy long-distance relationship

Hi there! I need some tips for keeping a long-distance relationship sexy. My boo and I have been dealing with the distance for a few months and it is not easy, especially when all we need is some good-old-fashion-physical-skin-to-skin contact. Does anyone out there have some good phone-sex tips?? All we’ve done so far is: sexting, masturbating over facetime, and sent sexy photos. I need help brainstorming ideas to keep this distance fun!

Ok I know this may sound wild but I love to FaceTime my partner when I’m in the shower. Especially if she’s at work (w her consent of course). It’s really kinda hot but also mundane.

Hey! I’ve been On and off long distance with my partner since October 2018. One thing I have found is that sex tapes are so nice. When you guys are with each other, if you’re comfortable, film a sex tape or intimacy/cuddle tape. There’s something so dope about watching your own porn. and even when it doesn’t come down to masturbation, it’s even just nice to watch when you miss each other. Sometimes I just watch it for the cuddles. But it’s fun an exciting to do, and super hot to watch afterwards.

Best of luck!

I’ve found with my partner that doing a bit of role play or writing some short stories for each other can be a good way to keep things interesting and explore some fantasies you have that maybe haven’t been shared yet! Also if money is not an issue look into some sex toys that can be controlled through the internet! It’s amazing what blue tooth and wifi have done for LD intimacy

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New LDR member here. My boyf and I both regret not filming sex vids of us together, but that’s the hopefully what we will do the next time we see each other. Also, we have sent each other porn we like and watch it together over FaceTime.

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That’s a really good idea! My partner and I have sent each other recommendations and have blogs that we update for each other but I’ve never thought to watch together

Invest in long distance toys where your partner can control the toy! LOVENSE is a good brand!

More toys! Have him pick out what he wants you to use on yourself or vice versa. Have him tell you what to take off and do.

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