The oldest male sex toys?

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Hopefully I post this question in the right place. Just wondering, how old is the oldest male sex toys? Do different males in different civilizations in ancient times use sex toys? Oldest female sex toys is around 27.000 years old. Any thoughts?


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So, I’m going to do some hunting, but 100% males in different civilizations throughout ancient times used sex toys. Off the top of my head I know they’ve discovered condoms made out of animal skins from long ago, and a lot of dildos were used by all genders throughout history.

I’ll do some digging to see if I can find the oldest male toy, but not sure what that would be classified as, since a lot of primitive sex toys were basically just dildos and/or condoms.

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This also reminds me of visiting the Museum of Eroticism when I went to Paris many moons ago. Sadly, it looks like it’s closed now, but they had an incredible collection of ancient toys and vintage porn if you do some digging about them, you would find some cool stuff to look at!

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What makes you so sure that 100% male in ancient times use sex toys? I’m talking about artificial vagina used by straight males. Hollowed out fruit or vegetables can be used as sex toys but cannot be too sure since don’t have the reference.

I didn’t say that at all. Folks of all genders used sex toys. You asked “Do different males in different civilizations in ancient times use sex toys?” and I was responding to that. Yes, 100% men in ancient times used sex toys.

That said, only thing I’ve seen that has been preserved through history and archeology are dildo-like devices. Mainly because they didn’t degrade. I mean think about it, if you stuff something or use something soft, that will degrade over time (just like a lot of modern masturbation sleeves). So a sleeve made of animal or soft material won’t survive for centuries, whereas a dildo made from a bone will. So that’s what is mostly documented. That said, I have found data that in ancient greece they would use bread as a toy (along with olive oil) which to me sounds like a good tool both for insertion and for fucking. So yeah, there is a long history that we know of talking about the importance of masturbation in ancient times, and some toys, but not a ton that aren’t more phallic in design.

That said, sexual aids don’t have to be gendered. And generally weren’t. Men (and women) both in modern and ancient times used dildos and vibrators. Including men that identify as straight. Men have a prostate, feels good to have it stimulated. That’s just biology. And hand massagers that were popular in the early 1900s for “hysteria” would still be used with men because vibrations feel good for most folks.

I mean, there is a ton of history about ancient Greece and how they didn’t really subscribe to heteronormative beliefs and just viewed pleasure as pleasure. And numerous cultures throughout history have had similar lax attitudes towards sexuality.