Spring has sprung 🌺 Shop the Spring Cleaning sale now!

Happy Spring everyone! (Even from a rainy and chilly Chicago, ha.) Spectrum is doing some spring cleaning and having a sale on some of our most popular toys right now. You can snag some of these cuties for up to 40% off! Check out the full sale page here, and I’ll highlight a few favorites below: Spring Cleaning Sale - LISTS | Spectrum Boutique

Ok, so here are in no particular order my top five things to snag from the sale!

  1. The Jollet! Super cute polka dots, harnessable, the bumps are great for g-spot stimulation, and it has a hole in the bottom so perfect for using with a dildo handle. Just a super solid dil to have: LuzArte Polka Dot Jollet Harnessable Dildo | Spectrum Boutique

  2. The Bumpher is a dildo base stimulator, but you can totally use it to grind against on its own. If you’ve been wanting to try out a grinding toy, this is a great one to check out! Bumpher Shagger Texture Dildo Base Pad | Spectrum Boutique

  3. Holographic wrist cuffs and chain. I love this set because it’s super pretty but also because it’s plus size friendly! These cuffs and the ankle ones fit me great (I’m a size 4 at Torrid for reference), I can even be restrained with the connector chain around my back. You can get the full set in the sale, but if you get any item I’d suggest the cuffs. Holographic Wrist Cuffs & Connector Chain | Spectrum Boutique

  4. This masturbator from Fleshlight I really like because it has these cool finger holes, which just provide more stability with your grip. Those holes also make it great to use on a partner so things aren’t so slipper with lube and you lose your grip. Fleshlight Fleshskins Grip Masturbator | Spectrum Boutique

  5. Odile has two really cool manual anal dilators for anyone looking to work their way up with anal play. I really like these because you can adjust up and down, great for getting comfortable with more. They have both a beginner and more advanced option. Odile Absolute Next Level Twist Expandable Anal Dilator | Spectrum Boutique and Odile Discovery Tapered Beginner Twist Expandable Anal Dilator | Spectrum Boutique