Huge Winter Sales at Spectrum! Get Some New Toys Now!

Hey all! We’re kicking off some major sales over on the site today, including deep discounts on some of our favorite brands. Wanted to make sure everyone in the Forum knew about these deals so you can snag some great gifts (and goodies for yourself) all while saving some dough!

First up, from now thru December 1st, the entire Fun Factory collection is on sale for 25% off, no code needed! Head over to check out all their innovative toys and stock up now:

Also several of our favorite brands are on sale for up to 30% off! Fan favorites like Magic Wand, We-Vibe, LeWand, b-Vibe, Lelo, Lora Dicarlo, Svakom and many more. Head over to our sales page, discount is already applied, and grab some of these deals here: Sex Toys On Sale | Discounted Sex Toys | Spectrum Boutique

Plus the holographic bondage kit and Blush toys I mentioned on this thread are still on sale through the end of the month! Head over here for more details: Holiday Flash Sales!

Hope you all can snag some goodies, I’ll drop a few favorites in the comments below if anyone needs some shopping inspiration :heart_eyes:

Ok, going to make a new comment for each sale section :slight_smile:

First up, if you want to snag something from the holographic bondage promo (don’t forget to add the code “CUFFINGSEASON” at checkout to get the 25% off!) I’d for sure get the wrist cuffs and connector set! Great for a beginner to bondage, but also an affordable fun set to add to your collection if you already have other cuffs. I’d also snag the vegan holographic flogger too. Floggers are so fun, and this one is especially pretty so it’s a great display piece too (I hang floggers on the back of our bedroom door with command hooks, fun way to display and store and takes up less space!)

For the Blush promo, I’ve got a few suggestions, because I’m a big fan of this brand! Don’t forget, this promo runs through the end of November, and use the code "BlushForMe"at checkout to get the 30% off discount!

First up, if you are a beginner looking to try out a dildo, the Luxe Cici is an amazing pick! The shape is perfect for g or p-spot stimulation, and the size is great for testing out a toy, especially if you are new to pegging or anal play. And the price is right too. It’s just a really great starter dildo!

Another great toy if you are wanting to try out something new for the first time is the Temptasia Luna Double Ended Dildo. If you are new to using a double ended dildo, this one is a great one to start, not only at this price point but also because it comes with a bullet vibe too.

The Aria Magnify Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator is an awesome vibe for both solo and partner play. It has a lot of settings, is waterproof, and I love the curved design. This is a great toy to use during penetrative sex if you want to stimulate the clit, the curve fits perfectly for that!

And last but not least, because I love my pastels and I’m a sucker for cute design, you can’t go wrong with some of the brightly colored dildos that Blush makes! I’m loving the colors on both of these Avant toys! They have a strong suction base, but they are also both great for strap-on play. So grab a few and live out your colorful strap fantasy!

On to the Fun Factory sale! No code needed for these, the markdown is up on the site already, just get in your orders before 12/2 to get the discount.

First up, they have some great toys for folks with a penis. The Manta is a great masturbator tool, and even better there is a super fun gift set that comes with both it AND the NŌS cock ring. This gift set would be a perfect gift!

Fun Factory also has this great combo butt plug and cock ring toy that is super fun for anal play and stroking. Just a heads up, make sure to use lots of lube when slipping this on to keep it comfy. Also my partner is more petite, but I’ve heard the fit can be a little snug on plus size users, so just a heads up to be mindful of that.

And last but not least for our friends with dicks, the Cobra Libre is a super cool penis vibe that stimulates the most sensitive parts of the penis with dual motors. It has 11 different vibration patterns, and doesn’t require stroking for use. It’s also easy to use with one hand and is waterproof for shower fun too. If you’ve been looking for a penis vibe, this is one to check out.

And now I want to give a shoutout to two big toys if you are looking for girth and length. Both the Tiger and Big Boss clock in at 9 inches, so if you’ve wanted a bigger toy, now is the time to snag one of these. Both of these toys have a more rumbly motor feel, and I love the loop handle which makes it super easy to handle while fucking yourself or a partner. If you’re wanting a big, deep orgasm, you can’t go wrong with either of these toys!

And I’ve saved the BIG list for last. All these picks are on sale now in our sales section, no codes needed. Get them before they sell out (I was going to suggest my all time favorite wand but we already sold out, so stuff is going quickly!).

First up, a few anal picks! I’m a big fan of remote control toys so you can be more hands free. The b-vibe rimming plug comes with a remote (and I LOVE the color), but it also simulates rimming so it’s a totally different feel for a plug. The set it comes with has some extras too, so it’s a great option for a gift. If you are looking for something to really hit the prostate, the Aneros Vice 2 is a great option, and like I said, I love a good remote control toy.

Now if you are looking to grab a wand, I would snag one of these two limited edition sets from Le Wand! The special edition Feel My Power set was designed by artist Jade Purple Brown, it’s a beautiful set that comes with a ton of extra goodies. Another great gift option. I’m a total sucker for the Unicorn Wand set because I love anything bright and pastel. That said, this set is more than looks, the wand comes with 10 speeds and 20 (!) vibration patterns, and also comes with an attachment for internal stimulation too.

For folks with a penis, I would check out these fun options. The Svakom Sam Neo is a super cool masturbator that gives you both vibration and suction stimulation. But even better, use the FeelConnect 3 smartphone app which gives you five scenarios of sexual fantasies. This toy packs in a lot of fun bells and whistles. Have you wanted to try a penis pump? The Shots Pumped Classic is on sale for under $20 right now. It’s a great starter pump to test out, and you can use it on other body parts as well.

For two focused toys, I’d check out this g-spot and clit stimulator toys. The Onda mimics the sensation of a finger stroking the g-spot, it’s a really unique toy if you are looking for g-spot stimulation. And if you’ve been wanting to try out one of the many air stimulators, you can’t go wrong with the classic Womanizer.

And lastly, I want to suggest checking out two staple products that are great to use but aren’t your typical toy. If you haven’t used a Liberator wedge before, we’ve got them on sale now and I would highly suggest snagging one! These are amazing to use to help with a variety of positions to get even deeper penetration and access, and helps take pressure off your body as well. And if you don’t have a Liberator Squirt blanket, get one ASAP. This blanket is a godsend for cleaning up messes, it’s a lifesaver for soaking up liquids. It’s saved many a sheet in our household. Both the regular and travel size ones are on sale now, I’m a big fan of the purple color too.

Alright, I went a bit overboard, haha, but we just have so many good deals right now, so hope some of these picks help you snag some good stuff. Happy shopping!