New to Ethical Non-Monogamy

I (30 she/her) am new to non-monogamy and would like to hear from those with successful experiences to share. What boundaries did you put in place that were helpful, what did you do and not do? I am in a new relationship with a wonderful man who lives in NY and we have very open communication. I’m so happy with how things are going and hope to chat with like minded people I can learn from.

I’ll let others with more background chime in, but the biggest thing I’ve learned from folks who have real success with this is communication is key, and a big part of that is a lot of setting expectations boundaries, and even discussing possible scenarios that could arise. It has to be very collaborative between partners on how things are going to work, and different formats work for different folks. Just communication to the max is key, esp. checking in to see if you are both on the same page!

I had one open relationship. Me and my gf at the time told each other beforehand what we absolutely didn’t want the other to do when having sex with other people. We also said before sleeping with another person to text each other and make sure it is ok. There were times where my gf wanted me home instead. And same for me with her if she was about to go home with a different guy.

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