Meditation and sex!

Meditation can mean many things to many people but a broad stroke explanation could be that it at the bare minimum brings you to the here and now. What better way to start the experience of sex than quieting the hum of the world and setting yourself up for the most intimate space in our lives. It’s something that greatly benefits both solo and partner play. YouTube is a great source to get the ball rolling and start to figure out the things that resonate with you. Start off small. 3 minutes ( you can do anything for 3 minutes right?) Then add time as you desire to go deeper. Do you use this in your own intimate times?

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I can’t meditate for the life of me. I only use it for sleep and I don’t want to associate sex and sleep.

@tallasianchick can you breathe?

Yes. When I feel anxious, I use grounding and breathing techniques to calm myself.

@tallasianchick perfect :ok_hand:t2: All you have to do is breathe and focus on your breath. You can count in as one out as 2. 1…2…1…2. As your thoughts come in don’t stop them but don’t cling to them. Watch them float by like a passing cloud :cloud:. Just focus on the 1…2…1…2

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YUP! DAS WHAT I DO. AND I LISTEN TO DIFFERENT FREQUENCIES TO LUCID DREAM! I use an app called “Atmosphere” for Android. :slight_smile: