Masturbation quarantine?

Sooooooo I live with my very Catholic 41 yo brother/caretaker/best friend. I try to keep my family and sexual lives separate. I’M A FILIPINHOE. I LOVE SEX.
I’ve had sex once during this quarantine and my brother got really mad that I slept over (he didn’t know that I was going to my trusted FWB’s place) and I get it.
I shouldn’t have gone out, even though I had an amazing time.
I have very thin walls and I don’t have a lock on my door.
Note I’m wondering, how do I be a hoe at home? :sweat_smile:

Set up a date night for yourself! Cook yourself some yummy food, wear something that makes you feel sexy, put in headphones, change your lighting and honor yourself.

I’m afraid my brother will hear me! I guess I can do it when he’s asleep.
I just like the real thing. I love the interactions and touches. I just miss the physical touch from someone else.

@tallasianchick I feeeeeel ya there. I know it’s hard to believe but the deeper you can connect to yourself the more it will enrich your experiences with a partner. The most powerful experiences I have ever had have been solo. It’s like you up level your game and it will be a tangible difference to your partners as well. Follow your curiousness listen to your intuition and allow yourself to “get weird”.