Filmed my first review, hope it doesn't suck!

Hi Spectrum folks!

I’m a videographer and also happen to be a huge sex toy nerd.

After the pandemic hit, I’ve been sort of at a loss for what direction to take my business, as much of my client work disappeared overnight. So I’m taking this opportunity to combine two of my favorite hobbies, cinematography and sex toys and hopefully make something cool in the process.

Last week I completed my very first review of my favorite toy, the Jollet dildo (from spectrum boutique!) -

As a man, one of the fears I have about being in this space is not having the anatomy to actually leave a proper review. There’s only so much I can really say about gspot stimulation without actually having a gspot and experiencing it for myself, you know?

Sure I could review male-centric toys, but I’ve always been mostly interested in female focused toys for some reason. I’m really hoping I don’t come off as untrustworthy in my reviews because of that.

Starting anything new is scary, but stepping into this new space makes me feels especially vulnerable. The first time I recorded myself saying “dildo” felt so weird, but I think I’m feeling more confident after getting this first one down.

Is there anything I’m missing in the review? Anything details you wish I went into that I didn’t? Any feedback would be so appreciated as I step into a completely new (and intimidating) niche for me.

Thank you for reading!

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This is rad and congrats on your first review! And for pivoting and finding an outlet, I have a lot of friends that work in live music production and it’s been tough not only just dealing with the garbage fire of the world but suddenly having to pivot your work and your creative outlet as well.

Also your comment about being interested in female-focused toys reminded me of this rad article Zoe wrote for Journal recently, about how with toys marketing often appeals to a gender binary, but really sex toys are genderless:

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