Your favorite sex shop: share the love!

Hey everyone! In honor of Masturbation May, I wanted to start a thread to give some extra love to your favorite sex shops! Those places that go above and beyond when it comes to grabbing your favorite goodies.

Obviously we’re all big fans of Spectrum if you’re here, haha, but do you have a favorite shop you visit in-person? Either at home or one you like to go to in a certain city, whatever you feel comfortable sharing!

If you don’t have one, do you travel to a store or just shop online? Share in the comments, and I’ll share my favorite too!

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The only sex store I shop at locally and is my favorite is Early2Bed here in Chicago!

I first went there in college and took one of their courses on oral sex for a human sexuality class project, and have loved it ever since! Even though I don’t live nearby at all, I still always trek to it if I’m shopping local. Queer woman-owned, super inclusive, and have employed some lovely local sex workers too! I love that all the toys are out to touch and check out, and I’ve always received the best customer service with any questions I’ve had. I just adore them.

Also totally fanned out when Zoe interviewed Searah, the owner, in March on our Instagram:

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Me and my partner love to visit Fantasy For Adults Only. The staff are always friendly and eager to help and share their knowledge, they are willing to let you handle the toys, or show how they work. It’s located in Portland, Oregon. If anyone has any other shops to suggest in Portland that we can visit I’m all ears! We’ve tried finding SheBop but without success.

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