Condoms in Shower?

Can i use a condom in the shower? It is my only current method of birth control!

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Yup, you sure can, condoms are totally fine in the shower and good birth control when used properly.

That said, a few things to remember or might help when using a condom during shower sex…

  1. make sure to use a silicon or water based lube so it doesn’t break down the condom.
  2. On that note, make sure to use lube only, and not use body gel or shampoo, which could also break down the condom or cause it to slip off more easily.
  3. For sure use lube, because water can rinse away more quickly natural body fluids and lube BUT make sure to be careful with lube in the shower aka watch out for it spilling on the floor. It’s not the place or time you want to slip in the shower! And last but not least…
  4. Sometimes it can be a little tough to get a condom on when your body is wet. If you aren’t getting a good fit, just pop it on before you hop in!