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Not tryin to take anything away from this forum, i like the ppl ive read thus far n the openness of the community… this is exactly the type of forum im looking for, but it seems to be a kinda dead forum. Are there any forums out there like this with more population? I wish this one had more activity…

Hey Stickers8080, friendly moderator here, what exactly are you looking for?

So we’re trying to grow our forum and get more folks to engage vs. just looking at the posts, but also that does take time. We just fully relaunched earlier this year after moving from a Facebook groups setting, which as a former moderator of that, I can def. say this setup is a lot better (a lot of my time was spent banning people who couldn’t stop sending dick pics to strangers on FB chat through the group, sigh).

If you’re looking for something that has a lot of posts, there are some FB groups for that, but FB has really cracked down on content related to sex. But those seem to be the busiest formats I’ve seen. If you’re looking for more specific and active, I’ve seen some stuff on Reddit, but Reddit has its own quirks as well.

Personally, as a moderator, I’d rather have quality vs. quantity, but I know not everyone is looking for that in a community. But I love feedback on the type of content that folks would like to see more of from this forum or a forum in general, and any suggestions on what someone would think would be a good way to get users to come out of their shell and converse more vs. just read the threads (which a lot of folks do). Nothing wrong with just observing, but I’m a chatty person so I’d love more back and forth too.

To be fair, you just joined 1 day ago, so I hope you stick around a bit. Are you wanting a space where people post a response automatically to what you post? If so, Facebook might be a good route. But like I said, in my experience with Facebook groups, there is a lot of chatter but not a lot of thoughtful discussion and response in some of the bigger groups. For example, I see your post, and I’m going to email one of our experts on our team and ask her to respond because I personally don’t know the answer, and she’ll do that shortly. So you’ll get a response from a professional sex educator who can give you info, vs. something like a Facebook group where anyone can respond and say anything. So yeah, just depends what specifically you’re looking for.

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