Advice for Sexual Trauma

Hey Spectrum Fam -

My best friend was sexually assaulted 2 weeks ago and she briefly told me about it last night. I listened and did not push for details but I do know it is an open police investigation. Any advice on how to support, console, and help a friend though a trauma like this? Xx

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Being there for anyone who’s is experiencing some level of trauma is a very delicate place. You will feel the need to “fix” them but don’t, when you feel the need to instruct just listen, don’t dismiss their pain, honor it whith statement like “ That must be incredibly painful for you, how could you not feel that way, It sounds like your really putting allot of thought into working through this, I’m here for you if there’s anything that I can do to help you process. Sharing ways that you have found strength in the other side of pain can be inspiring as well. Holding space for others is one of the most sacred things we can do as individuals, some days that means letting them pour it all out others it’s a gentle re frame of thought to more positive places. Let this be an opportunity for you to learn in your own life and it will be a gift derived from trauma🌈

Be there for her :heart: Let her know that she can talk to you about anything. Maybe try and do something with her to get it off her mind for a short amount of time, go to her house with some of her favourite snacks and a movie, or do some painting with her! Whatever she loves to do :heart:

Also make sure you’re not suffocating her, give her the space if she needs it x

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Hi! Fellow recent rape victim and one of my best friends was sexually assaulted on VALENTINE’S DAY. As someone who was raped, I didn’t tell anyone at first because I live a second life. I eventually drunkenly told my family after telling my closest friends. Ngl, I lost some friends, but fuck them.

Everyone is different. ASK FOR CONSENT AND DON’T FORCE THEM TO TALK. It might trigger something. If they are receptive to supportive words, then tell words of encouragement and be there for them. Try and do activities they like. If you think they need professional help, inform them that you’re concerned and see how they react.
I hope this helps!

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Just being there for her is the best thing you can do :heart: ! Let her know if she needs someone to talk to or have someone even just sit with her you are there. She obviously trust you and thinks of you as a really good friend because she told you. Maybe make her something to eat or bring her something to be sure she is eating.

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It’s super cool to see you reaching out for advice! It’s already been said, but everyone reacts differently and has different needs. If appropriate, ask her what she needs or what you can do! She may be able to tell you herself. In general though, I’d really like to suggest offering to help with any chores or tasks, like cleaning, preparing meals, accompanying her to appointments, grocery shopping, etc. I have PTSD and the most important thing my friends and family can do for me is assist me with necessary tasks. It gives me the chance to process and recover, as well as makes sure I’m staying healthy. I think this can be particularly impactful for some people, like myself, who really don’t want or need to talk about trauma with friends/family. You’re on the right track by treating her respectfully and seeking advice on the topic!