Book Recommendations

I was wondering if anyone has any book recommendations for sex trauma healing. Preferably physical, mental, and religious. I am ready to move onto the next part of healing but feel a littel bit stuck. Right now there is so much shame around sex and i have been pulling away from my, very patient and understanding partner.

Two came to mind immediately that you should check out. Unfortunately not about religious trauma, but they do help with shame and healing physically and mentally from sexual trauma.

Healing Sex is focused on women survivors, but the content can be for any and all genders. This one to me is a must read for survivors. It focuses on empowering survivors to say yes to desires and sex after trauma. Also there are some really great reviews of the book if you scroll down on the product page over on Spectrum as well.

What You Really Really Want is a great guide to helping folks define their own sexual identity away from any shame. If you like a little different type of book than just text, it’s nice because it includes quizzes and exercises dealing with sex and sexuality. This deals more with shame around sex than sexual trauma healing, but is a good book for breaking down shame.

Spectrum has a whole section of Healing & Survivors books as well that you can take a look at here: Sex Healing Stories | Healing & Survivors Books | Spectrum Boutique

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